[AMC2009] Integrating Computers and Technology into Education: The Classroom and Beyond
July 18, 2009
Tags: AMC 2009, Allied Media Conference, Augmented Learning, Jaime Magiera, Technology, Education, Wayne State

This presentation at the Allied Media Conference, on the campus of Wayne State University, provides an overview of new technologies that are shaping education. Jaime Magiera details how these technologies can augment the educational process, rather than completely supplant it. Examples are provided which cover both software and hardware tools that are making an impact. Whether a teacher, a technical support person or a student, these new tools have the opportunity to increase access to information for, and increase interaction between, all members of the learning environment. The presentation also provides examples of caveats and disadvantages that can negatively affect the learning process. The analysis overall forms the basis of several general rules of thumb that can be applied to educational technology. The running time of the presentation is 1 hour 28 minutes.
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