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The CocoaBots framework IRCBot API was designed to simplify the process of running interactive bots on IRC networks from within Cocoa and CoreFoundation applications. There are also several convenience methods to help generate certain types of messages. Most methods return a BOOL value denoting the success of the action. In the case of an error, a value of FALSE, the error parameter will contain more information about the failure. To track the framework during operations, you can set debuggingEnabled = TRUE. The framework will then output debug strings to the console.

-(BOOL)connectToServer:(NSError **)error;

-(BOOL)loadChannels:(NSError **)error;

-(BOOL)registerUser:(NSError **)error;

-(BOOL)joinChannel:(NSString *)channel;

-(BOOL)leaveChannel:(NSString *)channel;

-(BOOL)sendMessage:(NSString *)message;

-(BOOL)sendMessage:(NSString *)message toTarget:(NSString*)target;

-(BOOL)handleMessage:(NSDictionary *)messageDict;

-(BOOL)sendPRIVMSGMessage:(NSString *)message toTarget:(NSString *)target;

-(BOOL)handlePRIVMSGMessage:(NSDictionary *)messageDict;

-(BOOL)parseMessage: (NSString *)messageString;

-(BOOL)stop:(NSError **)error;

-(BOOL)reconnect:(NSError **)error;

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