Network Technician Tool Version 1.3.1
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This application is a tool for analyzing internet information and automating common network tasks.

Features include...

  • Tracing IP numbers and domains

    NTT provides an interactive front-end for the whois IP database service.

  • Reporting Usolicited Commercial Email (SPAM)

    Unwanted commercial email is quickly eroding the quality, purpose and usefulness of the internet. The larger ISPs report that nearly 50% of their traffic is commercial email sent en masse (i.e "SPAM"). That means nearly 50% of our available bandwidth is getting wasted on these messages. These emails not only waste server resources, they waste the time, money and patience of internet users everywhere.

    Many of the current ant-spam methods merely delete the spam. Though this method may keep mailboxes clean, it has several drawbacks:

    • Some non-commercial messages may inadvertently be filtered out.
    • These filters do nothing to prevent the spammers from continuing to send messages.

    NTT takes a different approach: For each unwanted email you receive, NTT can parse the headers, query the WHOIS internet database, and create a pre-formatted email to send to the spammer's ISP.

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