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ThoughtConduit : Documents : Creating an Archive

ThoughtConduit archiving allows a user to organize and distribute media content such as sound, video and Virtual Reality files with a minimum of work. The process for creating an archive is quite easy after you've learned the basics. This document will explain the process for creating a new archive, as well as some background on how archiving fits into the larger system. Here is the basic procedure:
  1. Log in to ThoughtConduit

  2. Create New Archive: Click the "New Archive" button.

  3. Basic Metadata: Enter the basic metadata for the archive (Title, Date, Synopsis), then click "Save".

  4. Link Metadata: Add link items, then click "Save".

  5. Chapter Metadata: Add chapter items, then click "Save".

  6. Playlist Metadata: For Radio Archives, add playlist items, then click "Save".

  7. File Information: The ThoughtConduit system looks for the primary audio file in a folder that has the same name as the archive's ID (e.g. /archives/1151/). There are two ways to upload your primary audio file to a particular archive folder.

    1. You can upload the file via the "File" tab of the archive item when in edit mode. First, use the "Choose File" button to select the file on your computer you wish to upload. Next, click the "Upload" button to actually upload the file.

    2. You can use a third-party applications that supports the SCP, SFTP or SMB protocols. Remember to upload the file to the folder which is named the same as the archive ID. To find the ID number of a particular archive, simply hover your mouse over the "link" link in the archive's main page. The URL will contain the ID (e.g. "archive?id=1151"). You can then use the third-party application to upload the file to the appropriate folder. Note: If you upload the file via this method, you must enter the file name manually. For more information on the archive folder format, please see

  8. Access: Set the access rules for the archive.

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