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Electric Bodies and Possible Worlds - Presentation at the 9th Hackers On Planet Earth Conference

Tuesday October 16 2012 12:00 AM By Pan

Sensory Research organized a panel discussion on Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Alternate Reality Gaming at the 9th annual Hackers on Planet Earth conference in NYC.


Wednesday October 03 2012 11:10 AM By Pan

With nearly 20 years of experience, Sensory Research provides a variety of highly interactive tools and services for individuals and organizations. We've truly taken "multimedia" to a new level with services that encompass everything from sound and video to internet applications and Virtual Reality.

Web Hosting

Monday September 17 2012 06:14 PM By Pan

We have over 17 years of hosting experience, providing reliable services and user-friendly customer support. Got a question about a service you don't see listed here? This grid is simply a guide. We can tailor our services for your specific needs. Be sure to contact us to discuss details for more complex arrangements.


Sunday August 29 2010 08:03 PM By Pan

This page provides our customers with a fast and easy way to order our products and services. Below you'll find select items from our catalog, such as software, t-shirts, VR Gloves and more. If there is an item that you don't see or if you have any questions about placing an order, please feel free to contact us.


Sunday August 29 2010 12:00 AM By Pan

Sensory Research maintains projects in several basic areas of human augmentation. These projects often incorporate audio/video, networking, programming and perceptual studies. Some projects are open to the public. Others have access reserved for members. On a regular basis, we release summaries of our completed research. The following public projects are available for exploration...

About Sensory Research

Sunday August 29 2010 12:00 AM By Pan

Sensory Research is a media lab and online network. We are a team of engineers, designers, artists and scientists dedicated to providing useful tools, services and ideas to augment human interaction. Sensory Research has three facets to its mission...


Sunday August 29 2010 12:00 AM By Pan

You can contact Sensory Research in any of the following ways...


Saturday August 21 2010 10:00 AM By Pan

Sensory Research provides programming services in a variety of languages and platforms for a variety of purposes. We specialize in interaction with touch, voice and motion.

Product Manufacturing

Monday August 09 2010 10:01 PM By Pan

Sensory Research will shortly be spinning off our button, t-shirt and sticker manufacturing. The new venture will be announced shortly. Check back for more information.

Sensory Research @ H.O.P.E.

Monday August 09 2010 12:00 AM By Pan

We attended the "The Last H.O.P.E. - Hackers On Planet Earth" conference from July 21 - 23.

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