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Mark Shull Media Literacy Project

Monday August 09 2010 10:01 PM By Pan

On Thanksgiving Day 2006, Mark Shull, a longtime Snuggles member, passed of a heart attack. We've been throwing around various ways of creating a memorial for him. One suggestion was to donate educational materials related to Jamming, Media and Intellectual Property to educational institutions and libraries annually. We decided it would be fitting that the first year's gift be Sonic Outlaws -- a film he (we) admired greatly. The publishers of Sonic Outlaws, OtherCinemaDVD, graciously offered to provide us institutional copies of the film at a greatly reduced rate. We raised enough money to purchase 10 copies. The next step is to determine the locations where they will be sent. If you know of a k-12 learning institution that would benefit from a copy of Sonic Outlaws, please let us know. Also, you can contribute money to cover the cost of shipping the discs (and other snuggles related material) to the schools, by using the paypal lxxx

Broadcaster Information

Monday August 09 2010 10:01 PM By Pan

New Instructions Coming Soon.


Monday August 09 2010 10:01 PM By Pan

As a collective of music and video creators, we've worked on many public projects. We have several projects coming in the future also.

List Guidelines

Monday August 09 2010 10:01 PM By Pan

For the most part, the list runs itself. People manage themselves very well and everyone gets along. Here are some general guidelines to help add order to any occasional chaos:

  • All topics are permissible -- except where a list member's privacy, security or health are put at risk.
  • All manner of communication is permissible as long as it does not involve direct insults to other list members.
  • Anyone found to have violated the above rules will be removed from the list (or prevented from re-subbing) until they make some sort of peace with those involved. Yes, I'm totally supportive of Free Speech. However, Free Speech implies the responsibility to conduct oneself in the highest manner possible.
  • If someone has been removed from the list, we would appreciate that no one forward messages from them. It is their responsibility alone to handle the situation in which they put themselves.
  • These simple rules imply a rule-maker/rule-enforcer. Pan is that person. Sxxx

Frequently Asked Questions

Monday August 09 2010 10:01 PM By Pan

Thanks to Jim Allenspach, Peter Conheim, Jon Leidecker, Brian MacDonald, Phineas Narco, and Marc Plainguet.

Snuggles and most of its assorted randomness is hosted by the very cool folks at Sensory Research


1. What is Snuggles?
2. Who/what is Negativland? (includes Discography link)
3. Where can I find Negativworldwidewebland?
4. What is Over The Edge?
5. What happened with U2?
6. What was the HelterStupid prank?
7. Are there other artists like Negativland?
8. Where is Contra Costa County?
9. What is a Negativland concert like?
10. What does "Seat Bee Sate" mean?
11. Should I buy SST's NEGATIVELAND (sic) - LIVE ON TOUR release?

About Snuggles

Monday August 09 2010 10:01 PM By Pan



Monday August 09 2010 10:01 PM By Pan

Here are some web sites created by members of the snuggles email list. Please take a moment to explore the various ideas and creations they have to offer. Each listing has an image and a description. Simply click on the image to load the website. If you have a website of interest, please let us know.

Animals Within Animals is a group with open membership, loosely centered around founders stAllio! and the increasingly reclusive Lander Kitt, but with collaborators stretching throughout the Internet. Learn "the truth" about parasites, mating habits, the spiritual power of turkey leftovers, and all other things metahuman. Prepare for an audio infestation.

Droplift II: Volunteers

Monday August 09 2010 10:01 PM By Pan

Here are a list of volunteers for the next Droplift project. New names will be added as they come in.

Press: Craig press[at]
Web: Simon and Pan web[at]
Coordinator: Naked Rabbit nakedrabbit[at]


  1. Stallio
  2. ctephin (StF and Aedria)
  3. Richard Holland
  4. Jabborwacky
  5. Craigco
  6. The Syntax of Things
  7. Bleek Swinney
  8. Residuum
  9. Paul Smith
  10. Project: Data Control
  11. National Cynical Network
  12. Consentual Abuse
  13. Mutant
  1. Simon Dorfman
  2. Matt Keeley

Audio and Video

  1. Pan
  2. Workshoppe Radio Phonik
  3. PAL
  4. Quahogs & friend
  5. Ninja
  6. Brain Science (would like to collaborate with an additional video artist, if available).
  7. Orina

Intersection of Culture Jamming, Hacking and Hacktivism

Monday August 09 2010 10:00 PM By Pan

Members of snuggles hosted a panel at the Hackers On Planet Earth conference in New York City. We were joined by an amazing group of people from the community. Audio and Resources from the panel can be found here.

Description: Over the past nearly 20 years, the internet has proved to be fertile ground for projects that raise awareness, question authority and inspire social cohesion. Culture Jamming, Hacking and Hacktivism have helped provoke changes in the technical, cultural and political aspects of our society. This panel aims to provide an overview of these techniques through examples of some of the more memorable projects. Starting with the manipulation of voicemail services and leading up to Denial of Service attacks on government webservers, the panel will cover how these projects were organized and executed as well as the reaction that they inspired. The panxxx

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