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This page provides our customers with a fast and easy way to order our products and services. Below you'll find select items from our catalog, such as software, t-shirts, VR Gloves and more. If there is an item that you don't see or if you have any questions about placing an order, please feel free to contact us.

P5 Virtual Reality Glove

The P5 Virtual Reality Glove was initially designed by Essential Reality for gaming. However, the gloves are now also used for music creation, video control and as rehabilitation aids. A large community of users and developers has grown around the glove, making it an even more unique phenomenon. The gloves are actually more of a exoskeleton device then a fully form glove. They slide over the top of the hand. This means they are extremely lightweight and flexible. There limited quantities of the gloves available. Place your order soon to experience the power of the glove, and perhaps even take part in the community of users. Drivers are available for Macintosh, Linux and Windows.

Note: The shipping price listed ($14) applies to U.S. residents only. If you are outside the United States, please contact us for accurate shipping charge.

Paradox Explorer: Sequential Progression

Paradox Explorer is a multi-media performance group from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Their "Sequential Progression" events combined electronics, Virtual Reality and the internet into an environment where audio/video artists were able to share their ideas and perform interactively. The Sequential Progression events included new compositions and videos from the band, as well as specially designed software that allowed participants to generate sound and image using a Virtual Reality data glove. This software system operates over the internet so that performers can be geographically distributed. The event included audience participation where members of the audience came up to the stage to try the tools for themselves. This DVD set features both the Sequential Progression 1.0 and the Sequential Progression 1.1 performances. The DVD also includes a photo gallery and notes on Paradox Explorer's "Virtual Spaces" exhibit at the Sync '06 Festival.

Interactive Technologies Compilation 1

Interactive Technologies is a radio show that provides perspectives on technology as it relates to communication, creativity and utility. What does this mean? Really, this show analyzes the tools that we use to be creative, intelligent, humane creatures. We discuss news items of timely topics and interview people who work with technology in a variety of fields. Also, the show features live broadcasts from various places around the globe as well as special video broadcasts of live experiments. This data DVD features our entire archive dating back nearly 10 years.

Sensory Research Stereo 3D T-Shirt (3-D glasses included!)

This shirt has become classic since its introduction 5 years ago. The shirt is designed using a principal called Anaglyphic Imaging. In this process, the image is printed twice, with a slight offset and different color. Using a pair of Anaglyphic (3D) glasses, each eye filters out one of the images, providing the illusion of depth. This shirt features the Man at the Controls image in red and blue. The cool thing about this shirt is that is looks great with or without the glasses. Buy a shirt today. Impress all your friends with the compelling image and your knowledge of visual perception! Free 3D glasses included!


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