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Sensory Research maintains projects in several basic areas of human augmentation. These projects often incorporate audio/video, networking, programming and perceptual studies. Some projects are open to the public. Others have access reserved for members. On a regular basis, we release summaries of our completed research. The following public projects are available for exploration...


  • ThoughtConduit: ThoughtConduit provides a creative online environment where users can articulate, organize, share and distribute ideas using music, video, text and Virtual Reality.

  • ThoughtConduit Media Tools: ThoughtConduit Media Tools is software for reading and writing QuickTime and MP4 Metadata, Chapter Tracks, Hyperlink Tracks and Text Tracks.

  • CocoaBots: This framework simplifies the process of generating and controlling network bots. The framework handles the network details while providing a simple interface to parse incoming messages, handle data and send outgoing messages. The framework provides a password protected administration system to control the bots on the network.

  • P5 Control Widget: This Dashboard Widget allows you to control the p5osc application/driver on Mac OS X computers.

  • Augmented Learning Environment: The Augmented Learning Environment is a suite of interactive tools for online learning. In educational settings, the software can be used for administering interactive lab assignments and quizzes.

  • Network Technician Tool: A new software tool for network diagnostics and administrative server maintanance. The tool features calculators for various networking equations. It also features the ability to parse email messages and send abuse/spam reports to the appropriate network administrators.
  • Interactive Technologies: A radio show that provides perspectives on tools that enhance communication, creativity and utility. IT is now entering its 10th year on the air.


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